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Friday, October 22, 2010

Busiest... October... EVER!

I have been running a race and losing for a few weeks now.  My house looks awful - Daily 7?  I think not.  I am only stopping to post, because I think it's my therapy!  Here's what I've been up to since my last post...

October 5th was our 8th wedding anniversary.  We didn't get to celebrate that night because I had to work.  I've been doing 2 home visits a night on every night that Jerry doesn't have to be at a football or soccer game.  We DID get to celebrate that weekend by going out to dinner (Olive Garden - took advantage of the fact that we could go out for "messy" food since the kids were with Ooma and Oompa), then to Barnes and Noble to just browse for books (when was the last time we had time to do THAT?), and lastly for dessert at a little place called Amore, where we played Battleship (my victory), and Sorry (my loss). 

I worked hard and put my finishing touches on my Baby Sing and Sign lesson, and taught my first class that same weekend.  I think it was a success, and I can't wait to teach the second class next month to see if any of the families have any great baby signing stories to share!

Last weekend I had a 3 day garage sale which I have been preparing for for months.  I'm so glad that's over and done with.  I got rid of some stuff I don't need anymore, and made some money during the process - always a good thing!  The kids even earned some money by giving some of their toys to the sale, so they got to pick out new toys.  Good lesson for them, and again - more junk out of our house! 

Along with the garage sale on Saturday, the kids and I were in a little fashion show at the "Great Mall" for Shop Baby Kisses - my favorite little boutique for all that is girly.  The girls both wore tutus and little popcorn shirts.  Adorable!  Luke wore some stylin' baseball-themed BabyLegs, and I wore him in an Ergo carrier.  Super fun!

Now, in the midst of all that is Halloween, I am trying to start my business, Bellaney Babycakes.  It's time-consuming, but lots of fun!  I finally got my website together, and now I need to work on my portfolio to take to the two expos I have coming up in two weeks.  Then I need to make a diaper cake or two to show, as well.  Busy mama here! 

Add in a La La's concert, preschool and preschool parties, work meetings, playgroups for work, playdates for fun, 2 doctors appointments, Halloween pictures, Trick or treating, a Halloween parade, and conferences (both for Jerry and for the girls), and you get a PACKED month!

I can't believe that Halloween is only a week away, and I have not put out ANY decorations.  This is so un-like me.  I LOVE Halloween.  I'm just not motivated to put out decor in a house that needs to be cleaned so badly.  Hmm... maybe I should stop writing and get on that.  But first... I'm in need of an ice cream break!