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Friday, August 27, 2010

No More Excuses

I check Facebook daily.  I just can't stand to miss out on anything anyone does, and I've noticed that some DO more than others.  I have many friends and family members who do 5K races, marathons and even triathlons (go Scott!).  Now, these are people who are parents and/or have full time jobs.  So, what's my excuse?  OK, well my excuse is that I don't run.  That's a valid excuse. :) 

My point is, even if I'm not going to train for a marathon, I CAN get off my lazy tukkis and DO something. So, I'm fixing 7 years of laziness.  I'm cleaning and organizing my house.  I took a big step today, and cleaned off my desk.  Now, anyone who has been in my basement lately (or ever) can attest that I keep my office area VERY cluttered.  Not anymore.  I need to keep my space clear so that I can keep my mind clear.  Today was the cleaning step, and after that... time to make it organized in a way that I can keep it organized.  I can do this.  I have a college degree, for goodness sake!   So here's a picture of my work this morning.  Enjoy... or I guess I will enjoy:

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Moon Dough

Jerry saw the commercial.  He HAD to have it.  It looked like so much fun!!  And no mess to clean up, right?  Let's go get some!

This would be my almost 34-year-old husband so excited about a commercial for a toy.  He was amped up about Moon Dough.  So we bought it at the As Seen On TV store at the mall. 

He opened up the package and played with it while still in the mall.  :)  Such a kid.  As we drove home, I read the "instructions" which read more like a warning label than anything else. "Warning! Choking Hazard!" "DO NOT add water" "DO NOT allow soap or liquid soap to come in contact with Moon Dough" "Never try to remove dough particles from eye with bare hands" "Dough should not be placed in the mouth." "Dough is not intended to be eaten or swallowed" "Wash hands with liquid soap after playing with Moon Dough."

YIKES!  That wasn't even all of the warnings.  I scoured the package and instruction insert hoping to find those two words that make it all okay... NON-TOXIC.  Nope - no where to be found. 

So, I e-mailed the company to ask them if they are selling poison to kids- hope to hear back tomorrow.  I've bagged up the dough (after Jerry and I played with it - it is pretty cool, after all!), and put it away for the time being.  If we don't hear back or I get the answer I'm dreading, I guess we're out 15 bucks. Bummer.

*And we washed our hands thoroughly with liquid soap when we were through. ;)

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Car Seat Surprises

I got this idea today from a book called Show Me You Love Me by Tara Koerber.  It's called "Car Seat Surprises."  Tara suggests putting a special something in your child's car seat each day when you pick them up as a reminder that you were thinking of them that day.  What a lovely concept!  It can be as simple as their favorite snack or a sticker.  I think now that school will be starting up for us in a couple of weeks, I'll try this out.  I used to put a note with a sticker in Bella's lunch box, but I found that the note got messy, and the sticker was often lost.  This is a great alternative, and super easy!

Brainstorming ideas of things to try:
  • a snack
  • a sticker
  • a Redbox movie for us to watch that afternoon
  • a surprise "guest" from home that wanted to help pick her up (one her dolls or stuffed animals)
  • a special present from the dollar section of Target
  • a tattoo - My girls LOVE their tattoos!
  • a hint from an art project we might do that afternoon

Now, let's see if my brain will let me remember this when the time comes.  C'mon brain, you can do it!

Anyone else have any good ideas for little things to surprise your child with?

Life Has Changed!

As I was nursing Luke before his morning nap, I was reminiscing about 4 years ago when Bella was a baby.  Things sure were different!  We went everywhere together.  I'd pack her up and take her to the mall, the grocery store, the park, out to lunch with friends, to storytimes, to playlands, to get the oil changed (OK, that happened ONCE).  I didn't think twice about leaving the house with my one child and spending pretty much the entire day out and about.  I'd take along snacks, food, plenty of diapers... no big deal!  We'd even spend hours driving around while she napped so I could look at houses that we can never afford to buy.  And while I was a nanny (miss you Griff!), I thought I was super mom that I could go out easily with 2 kids! I realize now that Griffin was actually more of a helper than another child I had to look after.  Such a great kid!

Fast forward to now. 

I don't leave the house unless absolutely necessary.  It's quite different with three.  We DO get out, but it had better be a good reason for me to take all 3 kids somewhere!  Reasons to get us out of the house:

Gymnastics class
Playdate at some one's house (although I prefer to just have people come to us)

Don't get me wrong, there are the few occasions when I feel capable enough to get the kids out for something special.  It happens - rarely. :)  As the kids get older, we'll get out more.  As for now, I'll just embrace this wonderful time we have at home and make the best of it.  Thank God for imagination!

Monday, August 23, 2010

Cleaning just to CLEAN!

As most of you know, I only clean when other people are coming to my house.  It's part of the reason I entertain - it makes me get my house in order!  But, I realized that slowly (or maybe not that slowly) our house is getting out of control.  When it IS time to clean, it's a huge undertaking.  Also, we're not teaching our kids how to get out of this clutter cycle. 

I have been inspired by a link Nicki posted on FB: The Daily 7.  This woman is my hero.  I subscribed to her blog and will be getting my daily cleaning motivation.  I'm starting with the daily 7 today.  I have not made my bed only because I need to wash the sheets today.  :)  Been sick, you know.  But, I have wiped down a bathroom, emptied the trash cans, done a load of laundry, and cleaned off the kitchen counter (still working on the sink), and so far so good on cleaning up after ourselves.  All before 9am!

I do have some major catching up to do since I've been sick for over a week, and before that the kids were sick.  So.... don't expect to come over to a spotless house yet - or ever for that matter.  I do have to be realistic.  I have 3 kids.  3 BUSY kids. 

Be sure to check out the PROM section of the Totally Together website as well.  We're going to PROM our house in sections weekly.  That's the plan!  Wish us luck!