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Monday, October 10, 2011

An all-around GREAT day!

I had a fabulous day today.  Nothing huge happened.  No big news.  Just lots of little things that added up to a wonderfully enjoyable day!  Here's what went down:

  1. I got up before the kids and got a shower in before Luke woke up.  He woke up when I started laundry, and then was content to read a book in the hallway and then come into my room, turn on the radio, turn the dial to a station that had music and start dancing.  (He's 20 months old) 
  2. The girls woke up to said music when I opened their door.  This started them off in a good mood.  Bonus!
  3. Kids all got dressed without a fuss or me having to push them along.  We had our mobile breakfast ready to go, and out the door we went - with only minimal complaining about the rain.
  4. Had to wait for a train (always when pressed for time), but we STILL got to school just in the nick of time!
  5. Ran some errands with the young 'uns, and then decided to "walk" at the mall.
  6. "Walking" turned into shopping when I figured out it was Columbus Day - SALES!!! Yippee!  I bought 3 new shirts - original price... $110.  Actual price after clearanced, plus 30% off sale, plus $10 coupon... $25!  CHA-CHING!
  7. Finished up with enough time to let the kids spend 10 minutes in the Disney Store (which Laney calls Disney World - eh, let her believe), and then get in the car to pick up Bella.
  8. Great afternoon with the girls while Luke sleeps.  Bella did her homework, Laney ASKED to do homework, and then they played - without whining for TV!
  9. Jerry comes home and fixes the computer which had been randomly turning off!  Yay!
  10. I had a wonderful home visit with a new family, and that's all I can say - that's confidential! :)
  11. I went to the office for a few minutes, and had a conversation with a night custodian - he couldn't believe I had three kids- and then said, "Well, women can do that when they're in their 20's - they have kids, but you can't tell by looking at them."  HECK YEAH - a double compliment.  I have 3 kids and I'm in my 30's. BOOYA!
  12. Finished off the day with a small-world experience at my Girl Scout Unit Meeting.  Ran into a parent of one of my old 2nd grade students - who's now a junior in high school!  Awesome kid.  So glad to hear how he's doing.  

All-in-all a wonderful day full of lots of little things that equaled happiness in my book.  Plus - on my way home, I learned that we secured the neighbor girl across the street as a babysitter for my kids.  Oh, happy day!  Jerry and I may just get out once in a while now.  Look out world!