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Tuesday, February 22, 2011

12 on the 12th - February

I did actually take these pics on the 12th - just haven't had the time/energy to put them on here yet.  So here goes - This is what we did 10 days ago! 

8am - practicing reading skills after breakfast

9am - time to work / play!  I teach Baby Sing and Sign once a month.  No one has more fun at their job!

10am - meeting with a family in the playroom.
Monkey looked on while we played.

11am - Clean up time!  Busy babies and toddlers make
a big mess!

12pm - Lunch time.  Bella starts us off
 with the Superman Prayer.

1pm - Open House at MyGym.  Time for some serious play!

2pm - we were surprised to find our friends
 Kim and Andy there with Lily.  As you can see, Lily
and Luke are sweet on each other.  We approve.

3pm - Just arrived at a birthday party for our little friend,
Rachel.  Luke thought we were still at the gym!

4pm - snack time.  Bella was lovin' all the veggies at Rachel's party.

5pm - Still having a ball at Rachel's!

6pm - Luke got a late birthday present from Alex
and Onalee, and he's sharing the box with Lily.

7pm - Should we start writing their vows now? 
Lily is a kissing machine!  Luke didn't seem to mind.

8pm - Kids got to decorate Valentine cookies. 
They were super yummy!

9pm - very late and time to go home - This is what
 5 kids will do when unsupervised in a 4 year old's
 bedroom.  Yikes!  Sorry Stephanie!!
 I know, I know - that was 14 pictures, not 12.  But it was just such a fun, busy day, that we wanted to share it all.
What a wonderful day with some of our very best friends!  The kids were exhausted, and so were we!