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Sunday, June 19, 2011

Rooms 2 and 3: MY rooms (master closet and laundry room)

Ok, so the closet isn't just mine (Jerry has a small section), but the laundry room IS.  Call us cliché, but in our house, Mom does all the laundry.  Honestly, it's easier that way.  When all the loads are combined, it's faster for me to do them.  I do pass on some folding duties to my hubby and my oldest daughter puts her own clothes away. 
The closet "renovation" wasn't much.  All we did was purge the closet of anything that didn't belong.  We were storing silly things in there. 
I forgot to take a pic of the closet before I took everything out, but believe me when I say I could hardly walk in there, let alone find what I was looking for. So refreshing to see it empty!
Clothes all organized!  All that is in here now is meant to be here. What a great feeling!

Shoes all in a row.  Isn't it a beautiful sight?  Mine are all in labeled boxes.  Life is good.

The laundry room was a bigger transformation, and I'm thrilled with the results.  I may actually enjoy this chore now (maybe)!
The "before" picture.  The putty on the wall on the right is covering a hole that had been in the wall for about 2 years.  There's stuff being stored on the shelf that just doesn't belong in the laundry room, and I don't have decent storage for the stuff that does.

 First things first: I shopped. :)  When I found the accessories I wanted, Jerry had some paint custom made to match, and then he got to work. A beautiful, cheery, soft green. 
 Next, I got out the spray paint!  Luckily, I already had two shades of pink on hand.  I'm sure some are not surprised in the least by that.  Jerry picked up the shelves for $6 each at Hobby Lobby, and the H was just a buck at Michael's.  Yay for
 great deals!

My new, efficient LAUNDRY ROOM!
Decorated and everything!

I love these that I downloaded and printed from the Better Homes and Gardens site!  The frames I bought for $2.50 a pop from good ol' Walmart and spray painted to match.

You know how you always find random socks with no mate?  Here's the solution.
  They hang out on this line until their mate shows up!

 I'm super excited about the shelves.  Not only are they adorable, but they are low enough that I can reach!  It's the little things that matter. :)
 I lined the shelves with shelf liner that I bought at Michael's.  It coordinates with the tag labels, clothespins, and shelf liner that I used to cover the switch plates and outlet cover.  All super cheap.  I think it was 60% off at the time.
I love these glass jar containers for holding all the detergents.  It's just so much prettier than the commercial jugs and boxes.  And, I can see exactly how much I have left!

Lots of fun, new items in this photo - my homemade detergent (blog on that coming soon), new dryer balls (LOVE THEM - for towels and jeans especially), and decorative clothespins - all on a refurbished tray from the '80's that was my grandma's.  More spray paint and shelf liner!

A big clothes pin on the end of one of the canvas organizers ("stole" two from the kids' rooms. They don't use them anymore) holds laundry notes on making detergent and caring for cloth diapers. 
The laundry room was a fun make-over and quite motivating.  I'm excited to do my first load of laundry tomorrow in the new room!