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Monday, December 20, 2010

Hustle and Bustle!!

Dear Shannon,

   Can you turn back your "Countdown to Christmas" snowman in your front yard a week or so?  It's telling me I only have a few short days until Christmas!  That just can't possibly be true.

Your Friendly (but Frazzled) Neighbor

There is SO much still to be done.  And we don't have until Christmas to do it.  We're celebrating with my side of the fam on Thursday.  I need to wrap presents, pick up a couple of more things, and make (yes I said "make") two more gifts, along with a list of other "little" things that must get done in time including cooking for the big day.  It all adds up, and I'm running out of time!  I suppose I should stop blogging and just do it, but procrastination is kinda my thing.  Wouldn't want to change who I am!

Mommy Brain

I realize it's been a month since my last post - yikes!  This is almost entirely due to MOMMY BRAIN. 

It's real.  Look it up. 

Because of Mommy Brain, I have been unable to sustain a thought long enough for it to appear on my blog.  I do have thoughts - thoughts worth sharing. By the time I'm near a computer, however, the thought is forever lost in... Mommy Brain.

Please pray for my blight.