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Thursday, September 30, 2010

The Invisible Woman: Part 2

Thank you to my SIL, Nicki for reminding me of this video.  It's an uplifting message about invisibility.

8 Friends

I love this article from Prevention Magazine online.

I agree with this list MOSTLY, although I don't think that #5 necessarily has to be YOUNGER - maybe just at a different point in their life.  Also, I'm going to add one:

9. Your Spouse! 

I don't think you can have a successful marriage if your spouse is not one of your very best friends.  Now, maybe this friend wasn't included because not "every woman" is married, however, if they included #6, I think #9 deserves a spot as well. 

I'm glad to say that I have every one of these friends (some of whom are more than one to me), although maybe my workout friends need to step it up a bit! 

*Okay, well I need to add another friend to the list (thanks Chala!)

10: The Specialist Friend

These are the friends that are experts in something that you want to know more about.  You can go to them anytime with questions, and they are more than happy to help you out, or lend a helpful ear when you are working on it for yourself.  Yay for the specialists!


The Invisible Woman

Do you ever feel invisible?

i do

There are times, when I swear that the world must just not see me.  Those are the days when:

  • I get cut off in traffic.

  • I give a friendly wave or smile to a stranger, and they ignore me.

  • I say "Excuse me" to get by someone in a crowded place, and they just stand there.

  • I stand at a store's counter to ask for some help or check out, but no one comes.

  • Someone butts in front of me in line.

  • I drop something while my hands are full, and no one helps me or even offers to help pick it up.

  • I have finished my meal, my kids are restless, and I'm STILL waiting on my check from the waitress.

  • I have my hands full with a bag, a baby, holding onto a toddler, and trying to keep my preschooler in tow, and a man with nothing in his hands walks right through the door that I was really hoping he would help me with. (Surely he didn't see me, right? No one is that much of a jerk, right?)
The funny thing is, these all seem to happen on the same day.  So, I wonder, are there certain days when I'm actually invisible?

Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Time in a Bottle?


There is just not enough.  Not enough time to cherish every moment.  Not enough time to get everything done that you want to.  Not enough time to get everything done that you HAVE to. 

This is what I want for Christmas this year.... TIME.