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Saturday, March 19, 2011

12 on the 12th - Better Late than Never!

I really must get over this procrastination thing!  :)  I got my pictures taken on the 12th, but then life continues to happen, and I don't always have the time to get my pics uploaded, chosen, and posted.  So here they are.  Enjoy!

8am - Breakfast time

9am - I taught my monthly Baby Sing and Sign class for PAT.

10am - Personal visit with a PAT family
in other words - PLAYTIME!

11am - Time to write up my report
and do the rest of my paper work.

12pm - Time to clean up the toys and the playroom

1pm - almost done with work - need
to make some phone calls first.

2pm - Girls spent the afternoon outside
playing.  What a beautiful day!

3pm - still playing.  Once Delaney puts her helmet on, she keeps it on the whole time she's outside, whether she's riding her bike or not!

4pm - Luke attempts to scoot on his zebra. 
Need a little bit longer legs - his
right one isn't quite touching. 

5pm - Luke takes a late nap. Shhh...

6pm - Bella and Delaney are exhausted from
playing all afternoon.  Time to veg out in front of a movie.

7pm - I'm out without kids or husband!  Here are Jeana and Josh (watching
the KU game) with their daughter, Harper, on the left, and Kim and
Andy's daughter, Lily.  Time to pick up the ladies for Girls' Night Out!

8pm - GNO! Tapas and Sangria (with one Mojito in there) at La Bodega.  We were lucky to get the private dining room.  What a treat!  Our waiter was the spitting image of Chris Kattan.  Crazy times!
Jeana, Liz, Stephanie, Cathy, and Kim
So, yet again, I cannot count to 12.  I posted an "unlucky" 13 pictures today.  We had too much fun at girls' night to not post that pic (Moms so rarely get in the pictures!), and I refused to start my weekend with a work picture.  Luke is much more pleasant.

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