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Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Toddler Terror

I was folding laundry upstairs, when I hear cries of fear from my girls in the kitchen.  "MOM!!!!" 
As I descend the stairs, I hear the reason for for my haste.  "Luke has knives - TWO of them!"

First of all, I'm wondering how in the world he got the knives - then I realized - the door to the dishwasher is open. OH NO!

I come around the corner, and see my daughters (aged 5 and almost 3) cowering in their kitchen chairs because their 16 month old brother is standing on the floor banging together 2 butter knives like drumsticks.  I really couldn't help but laugh at the whole situation.  My girls -terrified of a toddler.  Too funny.

*The butter knives are safely put away now.  No one need fear that my baby will spread anything on you anytime soon. :)

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