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Saturday, July 30, 2011

Room 4: The deck plus "Blossom"

This makeover was Jerry's baby.  The deck was sad and under-appreciated.  We hadn't really done anything to it in the 8 1/2 years since it was built.  It's way of fighting back was giving our children splinters.  Point taken.  Time for some TLC.

It was really this much fun... REALLY!

Rolled on THICK.  Looked like BBQ sauce.

Almost done.  Jerry's taking a break to talk to our neighbor David while he works hard staining his fence.
Look, Ma! No splinters!
 Meanwhile (and I do mean "meanwhile" because my hubby was going back and forth between projects), Jerry got a great deal on a cherry blossom tree from Home Depot. Only $15!  It's not the right season for planting, but if we take really good care of her, she'll do just fine. We've been wanting to plant a tree in this spot for a few years since the tree that used to be there met an untimely death.
Laney was a great helper.

She helped Daddy dig the hole.
Laney concentrated so hard on her job.  She felt very big and helpful.

So strong!

I love this picture, because it looks like Jerry's holding up a much bigger tree because of
our neighbor's tree in the background.
 Bella appropriately named our new addition "Blossom".

It feels good to get these two projects out of the way!

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