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Thursday, June 7, 2012

Ballerina Party

My oldest turned 6 in April.  She requested a ballerina party, and so off to the store I went for tulle, tulle and some more tulle.  She was pleased with the outcome, and I was, tutu (er... too).
The tutus were the first thing I made - all 13 of them! They're super easy.  For a tutorial, go here. I used elastic headbands instead of regular elastic, and I cut each piece of tulle 24 inches long.  I made my daughter's tutu twice as full as all of the other partygoers.  She was the prima ballerina, after all!

 This decoration was two Pinterest projects in one! I was inspired by this tutu wreath, and the tutu fan (that's what I call it!) found here. I made an extra B for the treat table, and spelled out her name with the fans on the mantle. The wreath has found a permanent home on the outside of my daughter's door, so it was a worthwhile project for sure!

 For food, we had cupcakes - strawberry and marachino cherry. If you're in Johnson County, KS, hit up Darby's Delights.  Seriously the best cupcakes I've ever had, and she offers many yummy flavors!  We also served up a veggie tray (the girls DEVOURED it), Chex Mix, and water bottles.  I covered my white tablecloth with a pink organza table cloth and surrounded the pink and white serving dishes with pink and purple tutus. A vase of flowers added a nice touch.

What happens when you remove the table and chairs from your kitchen?  You get a fabulous dance floor! Perfect for a bevy of beautiful, budding ballerinas!
 Keeping with the ballet theme, I added my swan candle holder at the last minute. Could it be the swan princess, Odette? 
My duo of delicate dancers and their dashing Dapper Dan. (yes, I love alliteration!)

The girls were inspired right away to get to it - even before the guests started to arrive. I wish I could post pics of the party - it was quite a sight with all the girls in their tutus, but as always, I respect the privacy of my friends and family, and only post pics of my own kiddos. 

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