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Sunday, June 12, 2011

12 on the 12th - sort of

Time, once again, for the 12 pictures on the 12th of the month.  This month was special, though because we had a get-together to celebrate my dad and give him strength and encouragement as he battles Leukemia.  He has a few rough weeks/months ahead of him, and we wanted to get his friends and family together while he's feeling pretty good.

9am - on our way to church
10am - no pics during the sermon!  Listening to Pastor Drebes

11am - on our way home for lunch
Noon - Yummy smoothies for lunch!  The kids sucked them down quick.
1pm - Poor Angel doesn't get much attention now that he has 3 human siblings.
 Thought he deserved a big pic.  He looks so sweet in the basket.

2pm - Home Spa Time!  The last few
months have been so crazy, that
I had let my color go, and my grey
was overpowering.  Time to be
 a brunette again!

3pm - toes needed a little TLC, too.  Now I have Happy Feet!

4pm - All done and ready to go!

5pm - We're at Brent and Jana's and having a good time.  No keeping track of time from here on out.  Just enjoying our time together with family and friends.

Looking good!  Hanging out on the back porch watching all the grandkids play.

Ron (my dad), Barb (my mom), Bill (one of my dad's best childhood friends), Scott (my brother), and Jackie (Bill's fiance).

Yikes!  Found a snake in the yard!

Luke wants to be just like the big guys.


All 8 cousins in one place, AND looking forward!  It's a miracle!
Nicholas, Cate, John, James, Patrick, Bella, Luke, Laney

The whole Oringderff / Merfen / Holtorf family!

The whole party!  It was a wonderful evening.  Thanks to Brent and Jana for hosting!

Enjoying time outside in the lovely weather.
Reminiscing about old times

Could hardly keep Dad inside.  He really loves being outdoors,
and watching the little ones was a great bonus!

Jerry became a human jungle gym for Bella, Patrick, and James!

We ended the evening around 9:30 looking for fireflies in the backyard.  Great end to a wonderful night!

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  1. So glad you were able to have that opportunity. Your dad and mom must've never wanted it to end. I'm sure it helped boost morale!