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Friday, June 10, 2011

Room #1 - The Princess Suite

Jerry and I had a lot of fun dreaming up the decoration for the girls' room and making our vision come to life!  Both girls are very much into princesses, especially Rapunzel and Cinderella.  (most likely because the villains in those movies are not as scary as some of the others) Here's the transformation. 

 This is the before photo.  We don't have a true "before" pic because we had already taken down the princess and flower wall stickers and all the frames, etc.  I took down the castle sticker last because it was my favorite. :)  We used it as a backdrop for photos at Bella's 4th birthday party last year.
First step: Base coat.  Since we did a princess theme, we chose Disney colors, of course!  This color is called "Posies for Pooh".  The next step was to pencil in the design we wanted.  We used a computer and projector (thanks, big bro!) as our "stencils".  In the pic above you can faintly see the glowing square.  That's from the projector.

 Jerry and I took turns doing the detail painting.  He did the castle, tower, horses and carriage.  I painted the cameos above the girls' beds. The lighter color that is on the bottom is called "One Enchanted Evening".  Let's hope we have many, many more than that!
All done! 

Cameo of Bella
Cameo of Delaney

 Jerry added some lanterns coming from the castle.  It must be Rapunzel's birthday!
 I added some magical golden hair coming from Rapunzel's tower.  Looks like Maximus is considering going to find Flynn Rider!
The piece de resistance: a chandelier we picked up off of Craig's List.  What a perfect finishing touch for a room fit for two princesses!  
The girls love their new room, and Bella immediately started making up a story about Rapunzel moving all around her room.  Imaginations have been jump started. We're ready for summer!


  1. I love it, I love your imaginative touches! I hope I am able to make Olivia's room come to life for her when she is a little older!

  2. This is completely and totally adorable! I have two princesses right now - and soon to be three. My 3 year old saw this and is SO in love and is BEGGING me to paint her room purple with Rapunzel now! Love it! Many Kudos to you and your husband for dreaming this up for your princesses!

  3. Hi! This is super random, and I'm sure you might not even read this because I see you last posted in 2011, but in my search of Fresh Beat Band things, I ran across the super cute backstage passes. I did go to Nick Jr, and they DO have them, however, it has the "new" Marina in the show and on the backstage pass. Marina is my daughter's favorite, but she doesn't really know the "new" Marina. You obviously had this party several years ago when it was still the old Marina. Did you happen to save the file of the backstage pass? I so want to use it! If you happen to receive this, AND you have the file, would you mind e-mailing me? My name is Amy, and my e-mail is amyrbeasley@yahoo.com. Thanks so much! I've gotten several awesome Fresh Beat ideas from this post :)