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Monday, August 15, 2011

Morning Mommy Has Arrived!

She's here! She's here! Let's hope she stays.  She's so nice, energetic and fun! 

Nope, no one is visiting - I became Morning Mommy this morning!  Yeah!!  I woke up at 6:15, and had over an hour to myself before the little'uns got up. In that hour, I was able to shower, check e-mail and Facebook, start drinking my coffee AND do yoga!  What a refreshing start to the day!  By the time the girls tiptoed into my room, I was just rolling up my yoga mat and already had a smile on my face.  That's a switch for them, for sure.  I'm surprised they didn't freak out and wonder what happened to their grumpy "I don't wanna get up" mama.  (seriously - I was that childishly bad) 

Because of my positive attitude this morning, breakfast was made quickly, and I did 2 loads of laundry and a load of dishes before we all walked out the door at 8:45.  Before lunch, we had dropped off dry cleaning and headed to 4 stores to find the perfect backpack/lunch sack combo for Luke for his first time going to KDO. Mission accomplished even if it did mean that we came home and ordered the backpack online to match the adorably cute lunch sack we found at Toys R Us - they didn't have the backpack in the store.  

Seriously - How cute are these?!  And since they're Skip Hop brand, I know they'll last.  I've had a diaper bag from them that has lasted for over 5 years!

I have to add that in all of this running around with three kids, it was pouring down rain! I made it, and I'm still in a good mood.  I'm attributing all of that to getting up before the kids.  I just might have to make this a habit - even if waking is not my biggest strength.  It's worth the end result for sure.  

Now off to finish folding that last load of laundry before I pack all of us up one more time for Bella's Meet the Teacher BBQ.  Kindergarten, here we come!

***On a side note - Toys R Us has a deal right now that if you buy a backpack, you get a free lunch sack (with a price of $9.99 or less).  Lucky Jerry - he gets a lunch sack this year, too! No more plastic Target bags for my honey!

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