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Wednesday, January 11, 2012

My New Obsession

 Pinterest.  If you don't know what it is yet, look it up.  It's fantastic, and it has the potential to draw you in for HOURS at a time.  I have pinned many craft, sewing and other project ideas along with ideas for the next house we build, funny quotes and birthday party ideas.  I am trying my best to make sure I actually DO some of the things I pin instead of wasting my time on absolutely nothing.
My first Pinterest project was based on this tute: Pinup Wreath  I decided to spray paint the hoop and the clothespins first (disassemble the clothespins prior to painting) and then I decoupaged decorative paper around the hoop and on the tops of the pins.  Gotta love a practical craft! I've been wanting a good way to display my Christmas cards for years!

 Another great project was this one: felt heart.  It was time consuming, but really easy.  I recommend using full size straight pins, and not just the little applique pins.  I made that mistake to start.  The final product is beautiful.  Loads of impact for a small price tag - less than $10 total.
If you haven't already become obsessed with Pinterest, then you probably have a cleaner house than me!  I'm just glad that I'm making my pins become reality in my home.  I'll be working on some more projects soon!

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