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Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Room 6: The Stairs!

 I do realize that the stairs are not technically a "room," however, it took some doing, and was in need of an update.  The builder's grade carpet that used to be in the living room was also going up the stairs.  We had enough carpet left over from our living room job to cover the stairs as well, so Jerry got to work - with some help from his dad to cut the carpet pieces.

 Jerry got to work ripping up the old carpet.  Looked like LOADS of fun!  After the carpet was gone, he still had to go back and rip up all the padding and tack strips along with all the extra staples.  Oh joy!
Putty and sanded the rise.
Rise painted to match the trim.

Ahh - gorgeous!  So much nicer looking (and feeling) than our crappy old carpet!

Good job, Handy Hubby!  The stairs look fantastic!  Now we can look forward to this summer when we paint the walls in the front hall and up the stairs.  That will be great fun... right?  RIGHT?

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