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Friday, September 10, 2010


I'm writing today to tell you of my LOVE for my Bum Genius cloth diapers.  Here's our love story:

Hangin' in the breeze!  The sun naturally whitens!
When I had my first child, cloth diapers weren't even on my radar, until my friends, Brian and Chala, had their son.  They decided to do the cloth diaper thing, and honestly... I thought they were CRAZY!  I asked them if they were using a diaper service.  No?!  I had NO idea what modern cloth diapers were like.  But, I did think, "Good for them, helping the environment.  But it's not for me!"

Great for snuggle time!
Skip ahead to when my second child was born.  My neighbor, Jen, did the cloth thing, and let me borrow a few of hers.  She had these funny-named "Bum Genius" diapers.  I found out later that they were the original BG (Bum Genius) AIOs (all-in-ones).  I decided to go ahead and try them out, and do some heavy Internet research on cloth.  While I DID love the AIOs, I only had 2, so I was still using lots and lots and LOTS of disposables.  Then, when Laney grew out of that size, I was done.  It did prompt me to try another brand, too - gDiapers.  They were okay, but there were so many parts to them, and again - I only had 2.  I found out that the size of your stash is very important!

Cloth doesn't slow Luke down!
Luke showing off his BGs to his buddy, Benji
Now let's move on to my third child (who is currently 7 1/2 months old).  I knew when I was pregnant with him that I wanted to do cloth - but REALLY do it.  So, I registered for some gDiapers (I still thought the hybrid would be a good transition), and some Bum Genius 3.0 pocket diapers.  These BGs seemed to be better than the original ones I had - I thought they'd be easier to clean, quicker to dry, and they are adjustable with snaps to fit babies from 8-35 lbs!  Yeah money saver!!!  And - I was absolutely right!!!

Chillin' in my 3.0s
I started out using the gDiapers because no one bought me the BGs.  I honestly don't think people thought I could do it, or would stick to it.  But, I did get some gDiapers at my shower, and even convinced my sister-in-law to try them.  While the concept is great - a hybrid diaper that is washable on the outside, but can be used with either cloth inserts or biodegradable disposable inserts - they LEAKED!!  I looked up what I must be doing wrong online, and all everyone said is that I needed to change him more often.  Well, I changed him every 2 hours or so, and STILL his outfits were constantly wet.  So - scratch that idea!!

I was determined to do cloth!!  My mother-in-law sent me 2 BG 3.0s in the mail, and I tried them out using the newborn insert and an extra liner at night.  My Luke-ster was a heavy nighttime wetter.  THEY ROCKED!  Not only are they just about the nicest looking little diapers, they contain pee and poop better than any disposable I have ever used.  Since there is elastic around the waist of the diaper, you don't get the poop that shoots up the back onto the baby's head (that happened more than a few times with the girls in their 'sposies (disposable diapers).)  And they are very absorbent. 

How cute am I?
Now, many people think that cloth diapers are time-consuming, and harder to use than 'sposies.  Yes, I do a load of laundry every other day that I wasn't doing before - big deal.  It's not hard!  Just as easy (but more pleasant) than taking out a bag full of nasty poop-filled 'sposies! Here's a link to the washing instructions that Cotton Babies (the makers of Bum Genius, Flip and Econobum diapers) approves of for the Bum Genius diapers: http://www.cottonbabies.com/clothdiapers.php#detergent 

After falling in love with the 2 dipes that my MIL sent, I decided that this was the diaper for me! - well for Luke, anyway!  So I ordered 4 more.  And then 3 more.  :)

Thanks for the stash, Mommy!
It didn't take long, and then Cotton Babies revealed their brand new, updated BG diaper - the 4.0!  Now, my favorite diapers come with snap closures!!  My love has grown!  So, I ordered 3 more!!!  I hear they are working on some new colors, and possibly some prints, so I'm sure I'll order another 3 pack and really round out my stash. :) 

I LOVE LOVE LOVE Luke's diapers.  I have been using disposables when we go out of town to visit Jerry's parents, but I think I will try to do cloth the next time.  Wet bags are a MUST when out and about.  You just put the dirty/wet diaper in there, zip it up, and wash it with the rest of your diapers at home.  No biggie!  And I don't have to search for a trash can that is "approved" for stinkiness!

Here are some benefits to using cloth:

  • Better for the environment

  • WAY cuter

  • Less instances of diaper rash

  • No running out to the store in the middle of the night to get yet another pack of diapers

  • Cheaper in the long run

  • Can use through multiple children - darn that I didn't catch on until my 3rd!!

  • No stinky trash cans - or worse - Diaper Genies! Bleh!

  • No chemicals on your babies bum

I know there are many more pluses, and you can find them on the Cotton Babies website: http://www.cottonbabies.com/clothdiapers.php

So, while it was not love at first sight, it's a stronger, long-term type of love.  And it has prompted me to become more environmentally conscious in general.  I'm trying to use less disposable everything! 

I love you, Bum Genius!!

My 4.0s with SNAPS!
By the way: my husband, mother, and father have NO problem using the cloth, either, and my daughters help me hang them on the line to dry.  It's so NOT complicated - and SO worth it!  If you've got a little diapered bottom in your home, give it a try.  You won't regret it!


  1. I love the BumGenius, too. Never tried the g-diapers but I tried about 8 other different cloth brands. The BumGenius just worked best on Dylan's bum.

    I have 25 BumGenius 3.0 pockets and love it. Everytime I hear about a diaper rash or a poopsplosion my inner voice says, "thank God we do cloth."

    Haven't seen the 4.0s. Do the snaps really let you adjust as well as you can with the velcro? (I tried some TinyTush Elite which also work on the snaps principle and they just didn't do as well for me.)

  2. Yes, they do - and then you don't have to worry about the velcro wearing out or sticking to the other parts of the diaper. :) Snaps for snaps!