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Wednesday, September 8, 2010

A Place for Everything, and Everything in it's Place!

So, a while back, I mentioned something about PROMing the desk in the kitchen.  The cabinet above the desk was virtually useless, except to throw the things that we didn't want the kids to reach.  Meanwhile, my cookbooks were shoved in a kitchen drawer, and NEVER, I repeat, NEVER looked at, let alone USED!  Such a waste!  So, here's my result... it may seem a bit random to anyone else, but it's what works for our family's needs.  And I'm sure it will change throughout the years as our needs change.  By the way, we threw away dozens of candles we had stowed in there.  We rarely light a candle, because we have little people who aren't quite old enough to know that fire is not fun.
Before now I would never have let anyone else look in this cabinet!
Hair accessories easily accessible to adults but not kids on top, coffee table books we can't bring ourselves to get ride of in the middle, along with the charging cord for the camcorder, cookbooks and binders with kids school and activities info in them on the bottom.
Tea lights in container on top (these I still use at holiday time), more coffee table books, heavy duty flashlight, stapler, and checks in middle, lotions, smelly-good sprays, and files on bottom.  We have files for kids school work, bills, coupons, things to file in the BIG file cabinet, etc - mostly mail organization.
On each door I attached a magnetic white board.  On this one I have our meal plan for the week (not completed, I know - I'm far from perfect!), the Daily 7 list, and some inspiration for me.  On the other side, I post random things I need - invitations, papers to send to school, etc.

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