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Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Palmer Labor Day

We may not play well, but DANG we look good!

We had a fun-packed weekend in my hubby's home town of Palmer, KS!  Jerry played softball in their Labor Day tourney.  They lost... twice. I have successfully gotten out of playing on the co-ed team every year since I've been going (I think we're up to 9 years?).  So now, I'm the team mom. I even decorated team koozies for the players. :) 
The girls spent the weekend playing with their cousin, aunt and "Taka".  Lots of outdoor play for them and LOTS of dirt!  The result was two extremely exhausted little girls. 

Luke was pretty much toted about to different people all weekend long.  Aunt Tess really seemed to enjoy getting her snuggle time in with him.  He also started to crawl this weekend and can get from a crawling position to sitting (well, he did that once... on accident). 

We love when we can make it back to Palmer for Labor Day weekend.  It's always lots of fun to catch up with family and Jerry's old friends - and some new.  I'm a suburban girl, myself, but I'm getting used to the small town thing more and more.  This does NOT mean that I want to live in a small town, mind you.  But I don't mind visiting.  I really missed my phone having reliable service.  We did find that our GPS is worth squat when we get out in the country.  Hmmm... that's where I need it the most!  Good thing Jerry always knows where he's going!

Monday, we had fun at the quarter carnival "downtown" - do they even call it that?  Probably not.  The girls won enough tickets to buy them each a Barbie, and Luke some balls to play with in the bathtub. 
I need a break after our "vacation".  LOL  Isn't that always the way? No rest for the weary, however.  Have a meeting today, then getting rid of some clutter, and home to get the house back in order after the contents of our van threw up in our living room.


  1. I need you to come organize my kitchen cabinets, I don't let anyone look in them either! Maybe I should go work on that now instead of family nap time... umm... maybe not ;) Looking forward to seeing you in Oct, what days are you free?

  2. Never underestimate family nap time!! If ever I get the chance - I'm on it! Weekends are great for picking one space to organize. (I talk like I do this all the time, but I'm very new to this organization thing!)
    What days are you here in Oct? Thursdays are usually a good day.