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Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Car Seat Surprises

I got this idea today from a book called Show Me You Love Me by Tara Koerber.  It's called "Car Seat Surprises."  Tara suggests putting a special something in your child's car seat each day when you pick them up as a reminder that you were thinking of them that day.  What a lovely concept!  It can be as simple as their favorite snack or a sticker.  I think now that school will be starting up for us in a couple of weeks, I'll try this out.  I used to put a note with a sticker in Bella's lunch box, but I found that the note got messy, and the sticker was often lost.  This is a great alternative, and super easy!

Brainstorming ideas of things to try:
  • a snack
  • a sticker
  • a Redbox movie for us to watch that afternoon
  • a surprise "guest" from home that wanted to help pick her up (one her dolls or stuffed animals)
  • a special present from the dollar section of Target
  • a tattoo - My girls LOVE their tattoos!
  • a hint from an art project we might do that afternoon

Now, let's see if my brain will let me remember this when the time comes.  C'mon brain, you can do it!

Anyone else have any good ideas for little things to surprise your child with?

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