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Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Moon Dough

Jerry saw the commercial.  He HAD to have it.  It looked like so much fun!!  And no mess to clean up, right?  Let's go get some!

This would be my almost 34-year-old husband so excited about a commercial for a toy.  He was amped up about Moon Dough.  So we bought it at the As Seen On TV store at the mall. 

He opened up the package and played with it while still in the mall.  :)  Such a kid.  As we drove home, I read the "instructions" which read more like a warning label than anything else. "Warning! Choking Hazard!" "DO NOT add water" "DO NOT allow soap or liquid soap to come in contact with Moon Dough" "Never try to remove dough particles from eye with bare hands" "Dough should not be placed in the mouth." "Dough is not intended to be eaten or swallowed" "Wash hands with liquid soap after playing with Moon Dough."

YIKES!  That wasn't even all of the warnings.  I scoured the package and instruction insert hoping to find those two words that make it all okay... NON-TOXIC.  Nope - no where to be found. 

So, I e-mailed the company to ask them if they are selling poison to kids- hope to hear back tomorrow.  I've bagged up the dough (after Jerry and I played with it - it is pretty cool, after all!), and put it away for the time being.  If we don't hear back or I get the answer I'm dreading, I guess we're out 15 bucks. Bummer.

*And we washed our hands thoroughly with liquid soap when we were through. ;)


  1. I heard back from the company, and here is what they had to say:

    "Moon Dough is absolutely 100% non-toxic. We simply encourage our customers to never rub any product into their eyes as any substance can cause eye irritation."

    Is it bad that I still almost don't believe it? Why wouldn't they label their product as non-toxic if it is, in fact, non-toxic? Hmmm... Still think I'm going to toss it.

  2. I thought that was weird also! Just got ours and took it away from my little one thinking we would drop some and our 9 month old would get some in his mouth or eyes. Combined with water-what would it do? I am very unsure about the safety of this product and will most likely toss it as well. Have you heard or found out anything different?

  3. I haven't heard anything different. Just decided it wasn't worth the risk, so we threw it out that night. We're Play-doh people at our house. I KNOW that's non-toxic! :)