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Sunday, August 29, 2010

Great Weekend

I'm taking a break from making my kitchen desk an efficient, working family HQ (pics to come when it's done) to write about our eventful weekend.  Friday night, I had the kids all by myself because Jerry was doing stadium supervision at the high school. Not too exciting here at home, but I did get them all to bed without a hitch!

Enjoying some pampering
My mom on top, Laney on right, Me on bottom, and Bella on left.
Saturday was originally going to be a "girls' day" with Ooma, Bella, and me (and Luke since his snacks depend on me!).  Since Jerry missed us so much on Friday -leaving before the kids got up and returning after they'd nodded off for the evening - he decided to join us.  So we ALL headed out for a fun family day! (much better than a girls' day anyday)  After being sick for weeks, I needed a pick-me-up to make me feel whole again.  I got my hair cut, eyebrows waxed, and toes painted.  Bella and Laney got fancy pedicures, too!  Then we all headed over to Town Center for some back-to-school shopping.  Not digging the styles for kids this season.  Plaid - yuck.

Saturday night, we got together with our "book club".  Funny, we haven't read a book for book club in well over a year!  But, it was fun for us all to get together with the kids.  We reflected on when we started our book club just a few years ago (less than 3, I think) - we had 5 kids between the 6 couples.  Now, we have 13 beautiful children from 3 months to 7 years old!  Maybe we should stop drinking the water... er ... wine at book club!

Me (with Luke), Kim (with Lily), Stephanie, and Liz
Luke was comfy cozy with a double stroller all to himself.
This morning started early with the Head for the Cure 5K. We walked for "Team Quiz" in memory of Dan Quisenberry.  I took Luke and he slept nicely the entire time.  I walked, of course, because I refuse to run unless someone is chasing me - or unless I must chase one of my own. 

Now, I'm on organization mode.  Time to get back to that, I guess.  It was a fun-filled weekend.  Looking forward to a relaxing week.

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