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Wednesday, September 1, 2010


Breeders: Those who have produced or will produce offspring.

I am one.  Some may say I'm a super-breeder because I have produced *GASP* more than two!  The trend seems to be for most families to have two kids (preferably one boy and one girl), and then they stop.  We did not stop at two.  It was not because we didn't have a boy yet.  Honestly, it's because God decided to bless us with another child.  Luke was a surprise blessing, and we are thrilled to have him be a part of our family. 

When I am out with all three kids, I get many looks and comments from passers-by about how full my hands are, and questions about if I'm done or not.  Because, surely I am, right?  I mean, only crazy people have more than 3, right?  And it's perfectly okay for complete strangers to ask me about my procreation plans, right? 

Well here are your answers, folks.  Yes, I'm a breeder, and proud of it!  Yes, we have three kids.  We are not actively planning on having any more, but if God decides to grace us with another child, we will welcome him/her with open arms.  This does not make me crazy.  I love children.  That's why I have chosen the path that I have.  And, no, we are not "done" having kids because we "finally" got a boy.  That's just the pattern that we happened to get - girl, girl, boy.  We are not actively planning a 4th purely because I'm kind of freaked out by the logistics of getting all 4 children to each of their activities as they get older.  That's really it.

So, yes, I'm a breeder.  But I would much rather be a breeder than the alternative... When I taught Nature and Science, we had lots of rats in cages.  They fell into two categories: breeders and feeders.  Hmmm.... What would you rather be?

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  1. You go girl! When people ask how many kids we want, I have always said we'll see how one goes before we decide on two. Then we'll see how two goes before we decide on three, etc, etc. Thank goodness God knows just what we can handle!