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Thursday, September 16, 2010

Just Call me Mrs. Cleaver - or Not

Not feeling entirely motivated today, but there is SO much to do.  I'm completely behind on laundry, need to do some more dishes (always), the living room is littered with clothes and toys (the clothes are my fault - getting ready for a garage sale), and I need to get out my Baby Sing and Sign info and make sure I'm ready for my first class that I'm teaching in a few weeks. 

BUT... I did get some work done at the office today that needed to be done, and I baked cookies!  Yes, they were the break-them-off-and-place-them-on-the-sheet cookies, but the kids were able to help and had fun.  Plus, I have been doing pretty good on my Daily 7 today - made my bed, cleaned a bathroom, have been picking up after myself, and have been doing dishes like crazy (we were behind on those, too).  I guess that just leaves laundry and our 10 min cleanup before bed to do to complete the D7!  That does actually make me feel a bit better. 

Thanks to my dad coming over, I was able to get out to the grocery store (all by myself - YAY!) and pick up some food essentials - we were behind on grocery shopping, too. 


I so wish I was one of those perfectionist people who keep their houses neat as a pin and are mega-organized.  I promise that I DO like it when our house is clean and organized - I just don't like doing it.  I so want to be Mrs. Cleaver and cook full meals from scratch, keep the house tidy and look amazing every day (in heels, no less), but that's not me.  That, and I'd have to call one of my kids "Beaver", and I just can't do that.  Poor Luke gets called "Bubba," and that's bad enough.


  1. I figure if you add G and I together you'd get one mean Mrs. Cleaver. I make the baby food, he's our "gourmet chef", I keep things picked-up, he deep cleans...neither one of us does any of it wearing heels, though.

  2. Oh, come on, G would look fab in a pair of peep-toes. LOL! :) I'm forever in awe of you-who-cook. I'm just not talented in that aspect at all. My kids are Gerber babies because I'm too lazy/busy/untalented to figure out how to do it myself. You rock for doing it!