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Monday, September 13, 2010


First day pics!  Laney's from today,
and Bella's from last Wednesday

Today is Delaney's very first day of Tiny Tots (preschool for the 2-ish crowd).  This starts Bella's 2nd week of Pre-K.  Laney was super excited when talking about it last night.  When we got up this morning, got dressed, put piggies in, got into the car... all of it very exciting.  When we got to school, we promptly had to get pictures taken for the kids (picture day was today, as well), and then back into the school to get started.  My usually brave little girl didn't want to let go of my hand!  I couldn't believe it!  However, when Mrs. O'Dell started to talk to her and took her by the hand, she felt more at ease. 

Let's go Mommy!
Finding just the right spot for her backpack
No tears!

What a big girl I am!  :)  OK, well Delaney didn't cry, either.  When I left, she was happily playing with her friends.  Bella's an old pro now, and I didn't even have to walk her into her classroom.  She said goodbye in the hallway.  At least Luke still needs me!
Off to school!

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