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Saturday, September 18, 2010

Family Day!

We had a wonderful, fun-filled family day today!  We all went to Bella's gymnastics class in the morning, and then we went to My Gym's open house.  All the kids had a blast - even Luke!  After all that gym play, we were super-hungry, so we hit up the buffet at Cici's.  I had 3 cinnamon rolls - and I do NOT feel guilty.  They are too good to feel bad about! 

At home, I spent the afternoon doing laundry and sorting clothes for our upcoming garage sale while Jerry and the kids watched the Huskers. Sadly, we got home too late for the K-State game.   

Jerry mowed the forest... err... lawn, and then we all played outside after dinner.  Bella decided to get out the bat and ball and play with Jerry.  She surprised us by hitting the ball no less than 4 times!  Didn't know we had such a little softball player on our hands!  Hmmm...  Jerry was super excited and then proceeded to teach her to throw, as well, and then they moved on to soccer.  I think his favorite part of being a dad is finally starting.  He's been waiting for this moment for 4 1/2 years!

Late to bed tonight, but totally worth it after a great day.  The kids sacked out FAST.  I may even go to bed early myself. *gasp!*

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