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Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Weekly Schedule

So, I'm thinking I need to have some sort of weekly routine.  Again, inspired by Stephanie O'Dea from the Totally Together Journal!  She blogged today about her weekly schedule / routine, and I tweaked hers a bit to make it work for my regular schedule already in place.  I'm sure mine will change a bit as our needs change, but for now... here it is:

  • Check food supply
  • Run errands if needed

  • Weekend recovery (only because on Mondays I'm too tired!)
  • Work Day

  • Dust, Vacuum, Mop

  • Fun Day! (everyone needs a fun day, right? - playdate time!)
  • Catch up day

  • Pay bills
  • clean off desk
  • more catch up
  • Family Night!

  • Yard work
  • Punch List Items (projects around the house - like cleaning out that front hall closet)
  • Family Meeting / Make meal plan for the week
I'm not always good at sticking to lists, but at least having a guideline means that I sometimes will - and that's better than nothing!


  1. So what does one do at a family meeting? And do you really do a weekly meal plan? (Jealous...we'd like to HAVE one, just don't want to have to actually make one.)

  2. Well, as of now, our "family meeting" is mostly just Jerry and I. But - we talk about what our schedule is for the week (our work schedules can be pretty varied, plus what else is coming up - b-day parties, plans w/ friends, etc). Our Meal plan is a spreadsheet divided out by day of week and each meal. It helps us use up the food we already have and then make up a grocery list for the things we don't. We're also working on using some recipes from our cook books that way. Planning it out helps me a lot because it takes away the "hmm... what can I make for lunch?" thing.